Development & Design

For the development and design of our control cabinets and circuit layouts we employ the approved EPLAN technology, EPLAN P8 or EPLAN 5, respectively. Our installation schematics are usually designed using Pro Panel. Moreover we are capable of using other technologies by customer request.


We develop solutions based on different technologies, from simple relay controls and regulation systems to programmable controllers, high-availability and security systems to industry PC technologies by Siemens and Beckhoff.

Combustion systems

We offer a variety of regulations for combustion systems from simple automatic stokers to electronic integrated burner managers for singular or flexible fuel input or multi-fuel firing, to safety PLC controls.

Drive technology & field bus

According to your requirements and technical specifications, we employ advanced technologies by Danfoss, Siemens, Eaton, and Beckhoff. Depending on their characteristics we utilize different field bus technologies such as Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, CAN-Bus, Modes, etc.


We can program technical solutions and processes in established Siemens S5- and S7 controls as well as in the modern TIA portal with S7-1200/1500 controllers and flexibly visualize them with Protool or WinCC. Besides programming software by Siemens we develop custom solutions based on Codesys development environments.
Furthermore, we use technologies provided by Mitsubishi, Eaton, ABB, etc. and we are happy to develop solutions based on other technologies and systems.