Beisner Elektrotechnik GmbH Wunstorf

Who we are/About us


We are an established and competent family business specialized in development and manufacturing of automation solutions based in Wunstorf, Hanover Region, Germany.

We consider our customers our partners. Thus, we provide our best, loyal, and reliable service to meet your requirements.

Our switch and control cabinets automate, measure, and control systems and machinery in various industries throughout the world.

Since 1999 our family business is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Company history

BEISNER Elektrotechnik’s history dates back to 1992, and for more than two decades our family business has been a competent and reliable partner to our clients.

  • Established 1992 in Wunstorf, Hagenburger Straße.

  • Five years after the successful launch and expansion our company moved to a bigger building (in Wunstorf).

  • In 1999 we got our certification by DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Since 2001 we reside on our current location in Wunstorf, Albert-Einstein-Str. 18a.

  • In 2009 we bought a CNC controlled machine to optimize our switchgear fabrication, and further expanded our facilities in 2010.


We are committed to offering the best quality at competitive pricing and we take pride in our highly motivated and qualified team that allows us to provide individual and user-specific solutions.

Our trained specialists, a graduate engineer, foreman, (state certified) technicians, programmers and power electronics technicians solve your technical questions and implement solutions based on your requirements.